Whhat are some good indications that a guy (who's shy) has a crush on you?

A buddy of mine appeared to look fascinated by me when I was wearing my make up and he has a slit smirk/ grin on his face when he talks to me lol... does he have a crush on me?

And what are some indications to know if a guy who's shy has a crush on u?


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  • Signs would be that even though he may be shy he will still do anything he can to keep talking to you or be around you, I know cause I am the same and even if I'm shy around someone who I like I will still do as much as I can to stop them going to do something else with somebody else

    if you "like" him back just be nice too him and let him become confident around you, this way he is more likely to say or do something more which you can then pick up on.

    Patience is key at the moment because of him being so shy, don't push him away because he does sounds like a nice guy.


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  • It's possible. You could start flirting with him and see how he responds.


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