How to go for the end-of-date kiss/hug...

I am going on a date with a girl in a couple of nights, and I want to kiss or hug her goodnight...anything that would make me think I really do like her. I always hear people say, "go for the kiss", but how do you do that? It is so awkward to just lean in and kiss. (I am pretty shy). I would feel more comfortable hugging her since it is our first official "date", but I am equally perplexed on how to go about that. I could extend my arms and say "Hug?" but that is really lame. Any suggestions?


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  • Hmm I think it's really cute (in a good way) if a guy asks me if he can kiss me.

    If you just go in for a kiss and she lets you kiss her then there's really no difference


    if she doesn't want to be kissed it will be much more awkward if you just go in for it, because she'll probably move out of the way and you won't even get a hug or she could get mad. If you ask and she says no you can thank her for the great time and ask (with a smile!) "can I have a completely innocent hug instead?" (she won't say no)

    (and just because she says no doesn't mean she doesn't like you, she may just be uncomfortable with it on a first date)

    • Honestly, I'm not sure if I feel comfortable kissing her on the first date. I want to at least hug her goodbye, but I still wouldn't feel right unless I ask. What would be the best way to go about it without sounding like an idiot?

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    • Do you think it would be okay to give her a peck on the cheek after the hug?

    • I think that would be alright if you feel like the date went well.

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