How to get a prom date?

I can't date anyone due to parents and such. They have high expectations on the type of guy I should date. They want me to be with someone who knows what they want out of life and will motivate me to achieve my goals and such. I understand this and I'm used to this.

But how can I get a prom date w/o a relationship? just like a one time casual thing? Are guys into that or is it just a couple thing? It's my last year of high school by the way.


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  • Just go with a friend. I'm sure your parents know you have male friends. A prom date doesn't necessarily have to be a boyfriend or possible love interest


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  • hahaa I think your parents should also realize you're not gonna hit the jackpot in high school. the probability is so low. they should get over their standards until you hit college or some time after. just ask a guy to prom and that's it. make things clear you just want a prom date. but you can always go stag

    • lol they know. That's why they'd rather I wait till college xD
      But thanks~

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