Why does everyone on the Jeremy Kyle show look like shit?

The UK show, everyone looks like crap, where do they even find such people brave enough to parade their problems so confidently on live television.


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  • I don't know who Jeremy Kyle is, nor do I care enough to Google it.

    But either way, god damn do I love how this question is worded.

  • I think that's the point...

    • Haha it's ridiculous tho, I don't know it I should feel sorry for them because they're being exploited? Or no as they're not doing much to help themselves

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    • I just think where do these people come from? It's like a subculture of rejects. I don't know if I should laugh or cry, I laugh then feel bad because it's exploration then when I "cry" I think hang on, isn't it self inflicted self injurious behaviour that got them here. Ahh fist world dilemmas

    • My mind is now blank. LGS's picture is too perfect for me to think about this further.

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