How can I be more likeable?

here's my problem people always say that you might not like someone when you first meet them but later on your personality will make them like you well I have a problem its the other way around every girl I meet is usually for the first time staring at me playing with her hair touching me then a week later she's not interested in me these are cute girls too like when I change schools every single girl is in groups with thier friends talking about how cute I am I personally dont see it but anyways I just dont know why they do this it could maybe be that their playing hard to get later on cause the girls that I think don't like me are gossiping about how they like me too their friends even though they act kind of bitchy around me like every girl and im pretty nice so I don't know why that is but if I stop talking too them then they act nice to me again lol and im just talking about girls I talk to in general


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  • My sincere advice is that you should stop worrying about what others think about you. You are wasting ur precious time coz even if u know what they are thinking, you can't do anything to change it. Even if u do something to influence their thinking, the benefits are just minuscule. Instead, focus on what u do best in life. That's the only shortcut to success.

    • It Matters to me tho I want to get a girlfriend eventually

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    • Ohh and in my area (florida) its not really picky too only really like latina girls cause their the majority but I would date a white girl or black its just I've always been more attracted to latinas so I usually hang around them more

    • Yeah, I think I understand what you are saying. Childhood impressions are a little tough to overcome, but I'm happy for you that things turned out good for you. Instead of worrying, I think you should spend more time admiring yourself in front of a mirror LOL. Coz people's opinions are not worth that much really, unless they are really close people.

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  • The good news is you can't.

    The bad news is that it's because you just suck in general.

  • Hehe I know what you mean, I've been searching for that answer myself

    • We gotta stay strong brother

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