How do I know this relationship is right for me? Or should I even be dating?

Hi, I've recently been feeling confused about my relationship and where it's headed. I've been dating this girl for 8 months, we met in college and I graduated in May and she has a year left so we live 100 miles away and have been doing long distance. The distance and the transition out of the honeymoon phase has made me take a hard look at our relationship. She loves me and brings up living together all the time. She's had several boyfriends and flings before me so she knows what she wants and thinks I'm perfect. I on the other hand haven't had that much relationship experience and have wondered if I feel the same about her. Is she the one for me or am I just settling to have a relationship? That's what I've been asking myself. Now that I'm out on my own and have distance I've gained attention from other girls. It's nice but it's given me grass is greener syndrome, and I kinda feel like maybe I need more experience (sexually and romantically) to really consider settling down.

She is great and is a very sweet girl, but she still has some growing up to do and has no real life goals right now going into her final year. This is just a case of finding a great girl too early in life before you've experienced enough to settle down.

I look at the 20 year olds around me and see how they're enjoying their youth and the life they live; however, I know some also want a quality relationship.

I don't want to regret making a decision and wondered if anyone else has felt this way or have dealt with it?

I have this one life to live and I want to live it to the fullest. I know I have some insecurities, but I also know she's a great girl.


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  • You're right.. She wants too much from you right now. You're a young attractive guy and you have goals! Why would you stay with her? She's just weighing you doowwwnnn mannn. Move on.

  • If it's been 8 months Nd you're not sure then it's the wrong relationship for you


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