If a girl likes you, you can't really screwup with her?

Fair to say that if a girl likes you, you can't really screw up with her... You don't need to do "courting" or play stupid games.


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  • Yeah that's usually true. However, some girls will give up if you take too long to make a move. Back in the day, I definitely missed out on some opportunities because I didn't have the balls to go for it.

    • I mean, if you talk to her... invite her out, all that stuff.

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    • If I like her, yeah, she couldn't screw up. I was thinking about that, but also girls tend to like things they can't have more so than guys...

    • Yeah that's true up to a point, and then they get bored and don't want it anymore. Where that point in is mostly dependent on how desperate the girl is.

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  • Yea you can.
    Keep playing stupid games.
    She will drop you

    • I'm saying you don't have to...

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    • A little or a lot?

    • My question is more around if I am too nice or try too hard.

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  • Yeah, you can take her for granted, put zero effort in and it'll work out fine! lol.

    • I mean try too hard... I don't mean take her credit carder, charge them up and later go, "oh gee, you don't want to be with me?"

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    • @Lizzy32794 sorry for bad english! haha

    • Oh you are fine I just read it wrong lol