Did this girl wanted me to cling to her?

I'm the kind of guy who doesn't cling.

If a girl --

1) Gives brief responses
2) Does not pick up calls

I stop taking her as a potential date and start treating her as a friend.

This 1 girls gave all positive signs, she gave me her phone (after a few days of talking) we talked for 2 days for 15 minutes to half an hour at night, and then all of a sudden she stopped responding. I called her 3 or 4 times, she didn't respond.

Next day she came up saying she was busy; that day I called her at night, but still the same, no responses.

But the next day she STILL looks interested. So I friend zoned her.

The odd thing about her was that she didn't even ask my name even after we talked a reasonable amount. She didn't ask a single question about me.

She looks like an attention seeker. She wears small clothes so all guys are talking about her and yes, they do notice her clinging to me and the girls notice the same. It looks like she just wanted my attention in the gym (that I didn't give much after I friend zoned her). She had many many BFs before.

From then onwards, it's been 2 months, the girl likes my company, she always comes to me, and comes very close. She also tell me about her BF and ex... stuff like I went to a party with him there, I had drinks there etc... then she tells me one of her ex was soo handsome, but she broke up cause he was cheating, she also has a serious ex to whom she'll marry in the future etc... etc... etc...

She lies about herself working with with a big celebrity.

She stares too, but that's common with all girls (girls stare at me more than guys stare at girls).

So was this girl expecting me to cling to her? Cause guys in my country usually do.


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  • No I think she's stull into her ex

    • So I did the right thing...

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  • no girl will ever be as into you... as you are into yourself.

    • Why did you say that?

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    • Again with the judging and objectifying. This girl likes you and has for a while. You are self-absorbed and dont hsve a lot of empathy for POV other than your own.

    • I don't have empathy?

      The girl didn't ask any questions about me, she didn't even ask my name, she's all about herself (you know that mi mi mi song?). Off the many things we shared, she didn't damned about me! Even a stranger would care more! She never called/texted me.

      Good thing she left (without notice), otherwise other girls were thinking she was my GF.

      Besides I can't afford to reject! I don't get any dates. It was hard to believe how this hot girl accepted me (initially).

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