Is this bad that I like one of my brothers friends and his sister is one of my friends?

so my brother has a friend and he is only 7 months older than me, but his little sister is my friend;and his mom told my mom that her son has a thing for me and i like him too. if he asks me out should i say yes or should i say no I don't know what todo. please help. by the way he also stares at me and i think he told my brother he likes me sense my brother asked me if i like him.

  • tell my friend i like her brother
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  • don't tell my friend i like her brother
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  • ignore the fact i like him and move on
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  • just wait and see if he asks me out
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  • or tell my brother that i like his friend and tell his sister i like him
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  • If he tells everybody but you how he feels about you then you don't have to worry about him ever asking you out, that's too much for him!

  • Oh dear word... Parents are getting into it?


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