I don't know if I should give him time to heal or move on?

He likes me, but I really like him. He is a flirt, but he flirts with me so much more and he is personal. (flirting by the book, he literally does it all) He remembers everything about me, like the smallest details and he makes sexual comments. He is always asking me questions about myself and my past. I ask him questions as well but only if i feel like he wants me to ask them because i don't want to cross the line. I really liked him for a week or so and he hasn't made a move so I'm loosing interest. I thought he was playing hard to get for a while. Im friends with his best friends girlfriend, so i asked her to see what was going on. He said we had a "thing" and he thought i was pretty but he isn't ready for a relationship. He has been in 1 serious relationship and 1 short relationship and he was cheated on in both of them. I just don't understand why he would flirt with me and lead me on if he isn't ready. I don't know if i should give him space and allow him to decide if he wants me or if i should move on. I don't want him to think I'm easy to get and that I'll wait forever for him. (YOU ALWAYS WANT WHAT YOU can't HAVE!) Im just scared that if i stop talking to him /(play hard to get) then he will completely lose interest in me.


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  • Maybe he just isn't ready for a relationship just yet. Maybe he doesn't know what he wants or what kind of relationship he wants. Be careful, because I know a lot of guys that flirt with a lot of women and then just break up with them out of the blue and lead them on. A lot of guys do it to play mind games with women. I would try to save yourself if I were you, trust me you don't want to get hurt it isn't a good feeling. I was in a relationship like that, my ex flirted with so many women, and he led me on and then broke up with me out of the blue. If you don't want to get hurt then I would probably suggest moving on. But at the end of the day its whatever makes you happy. If he doesn't know what he wants you can't tell him he has to think for himself. Just be yourself and I am sure he won't lose interest in you. But at the same time be careful and don't get so caught up in a relationship with him (if you do plan on getting in a relationship with him). I don't understand why guys do that either, flirt with girls and then lead them on if they know they aren't ready. Some just don't know what they want yet and maybe that is the situation he is in. I wouldn't sell yourself easy though, if you want to play hard to get then play hard to get. But if you don't want to get attached or anything to him then maybe I would suggest keeping your distance from him.

    • thank you, I've considered distancing myself from him. Its just difficult because i like him and he likes me but he's not ready. I mean i have 2 classes with him next semester because he asked me to make his schedule. He always asks me to help him with stuff and i never jump right on it. I don't wait on him hand and foot. I just can't understand how flirting with me is going to help him get over pervious girls. I want him to be ready for "something" or just stop leading me on.

    • Maybe it's best that you distance yourself from him. I dated someone who was just like that and I ended up getting hurt but I've healed. And your welcome no problem. If he's not ready he's not ready. I look at guys who flir with a lot of women and don't know what they want I look at them as players. I understand you like him though but try not to fall so hard for him cause you'll just end up hitting your head like I did but I've learned. I would avoid him at all costs.

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