Dating your old high school teacher?

I'm going back to my old high school tomorrow to see a teacher I'll call him Mr. R (for mr. right) I've always had a huge crush on him and since I'm not his student anymore I want to casually let him know that its more than a school girl crush. He is 33 and I'm 19. He knows I like him bc jr year I gave him a chirtsmas present and he basically sang to me in class as well. I think he may like me as well but a while has pasted and I don't know if he's seeing anyone. Any advice?


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  • Umm, the age difference might be difficult, but love is love. Take him out for dinner. Ask about his current social situation. You obviously like him enough to go back to his high school.


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  • It is still frowned upon. I think you're in for an upset. Stick to masturbating over him

  • Uh..

    Wow. Are you in for a heartache. Somebody get some eggnog ready. This one's gonna need a bucket of it.


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