People saying they "love" each other?

Ok it can't just be me but I think people say "I love you" even though they have been dating for a week or even if they aren't dating and I think we all know they aren't in love or am I the only one and just don't get it because for me to love someone it's not something that happens in a month or less it takes time and I think "I love you" has lost its meaning. What do you think?

  • I agree I love you is said too much and is losing meaning
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  • I disagree people do fall in love in a short amount of time and they mean it when they say I love you
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  • There's a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. You live your mother. But you are in love with your girlfriend. Love is an emotion it is not overrated. You can meet someone in just a skirt amount of time but in that time you can grow to care and love that person. Being truly in love takes time as you grow to love that persons more and more deeply.

  • Scientifically if a crush lasts over 4 months it's love. So u can't fall in love in a week.


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