Dating, is it all about the chase and then excitement goes?

Dating is the fun part the chase and then all the sparks when you first start dating?

Do all guys just go after girls for the chase and once they got them, do what you gotta then ditch? Vice versa girls do you do the same

I'm only asking as I had a very interesting convo with some girls and guys today and they all admit to the "chase" then they get bored, screw a little then ditch. Move onto next target or accessory

  • Chase and conquer, sex and ditch
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  • Chase coz everyone else wants them
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  • Chase obtain and build a relationship
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  • You get out of relationships what you put into them. The spark doesn't have to end, as long as you work at it. I've been with my husband ten years, married for six of those. We met when I was 16 and he was 21, so we've been through some crucial development stages, life changes, etc. Being completely honest, I still feel like I'm in the honeymoon phase.

    A HUGE part of this is probably because we took great care in planning out what we each wanted from the relationship, each of our life goals, etc. We started a budget together just two years into our relationship, so before we were even married, we were financially stable. We talked about deal breakers, expectations, etc., even if it was awkward or hard to talk about, because it's better to talk about when you're dating than when you're already settled with someone.

    We both still "woo" each other regularly. He writes me love letters during his breaks at work, I'll sometimes write him love emails when I can. Sometimes he'll bring home flowers, and sometimes I'll pick up something for him from a store because I think he'll like it. We eat dinner together every night (helped in part because he loves to cook), we share a hobby that we partake in daily (video gaming), and we both never stop "chasing" each other, not only because it's still fun, but because it works to keep the relationship strong.

    Life can sometimes throw hurdles in your way, and relationships won't be the same for everyone. For example, my husband and I chose not to have kids, and I think that helps greatly when it comes to having time for one another and keeping an active sex life, etc. Obviously, having a great long-term relationship is possible with kids, or time-consuming jobs, or anything else, but the circumstances you have to work with will be different, and it may be harder or easier, depending. But it IS possible, considering both parties have a healthy dose of selflessness in their personalities. And the "chasing" never has to end. ;)


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  • I'm away from home a lot so after we go into a relationship we don't see each other much, which means we can't get bored.

  • I can't wait to have a nice Canadian girl, that's my dream to move to Canada and get out of USA and I hope that my dream come true, there so beautiful and sexy just the way I like it oh man that's what I want, I hope to purchase a house in Canada that's my only hope to move

  • I hate the chase. I want to catch them because then the true fun begins.

  • I hate the chase...

    • Why do you hate the "chase"

    • It's the uncertainty involved in the chase that makes it so exciting... but in the end, I guess I would rather be in a stable relationship lol. For me, the finish line is more satisfying than the race to get there.

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