When is it time to choose a girl?

I've been on 2 hot dates (with 3rd planned) with an awesome girl who I see possible potential in, we haven't been too physical because i've been going slow since I like her and she seems a little nervous. I'm not 100% about her yet though, I feel like I need to know her more to decide. Then I met this super cute funny girl at a show who I asked out spontaneously, date planned for a day before my 3rd date with the first girl. I've dated 2 girls casually before, but these girls both seem like possible longer term material. How do I navigate this to get to know them both more and still avoid hurting one of them? Any advice?


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  • If you don't have feelings for one in particular or there isn't a clear "winner" then don't date either. The woman you start a relationship with should be someone who is special to you, not someone you chose based on criteria.


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