GUys I WOULD love your opinion on this? IS he annoyed?

i find talking to this guy is very difficult because he tends to get quiet when i try talking to him so much so that it gets difficult to sustain a conversation. personally i feel like the pressure falls on me to come up with things to say otherwise we go into the typical awkward quiet mode, and he starts playing with his phone. but besides that he also avoids me at times and its very obvious though i ignore it. then he does a complete 180 and comes to me on his own and or smiles at me when we look at eachother, and or comes and sits with me on the bus on his own. he's not like this with other girls I've seen his interactions on facebook/instagram/real life he seems quite different around them.

when we do talk however i try to talk about things i know interest him but he acts like he's not as interested as i know he is or acts totally clueless about stuff i know he's fully aware of. then when it comes to talking about weekend plans he doesn't really tell me much of what he's doing, i end up finding out on his instagram, which tends to be very different from what he told me lol. then when it comes to me, he starts asking questions when i mention im going somewhere so i can't tell if he's interested in knowing or just being polite. for instance he asks with who and how was the thing, what did you wear (halloween party)

some days it also seems like he's totally not interested in talking to me by the way he comes off just quiet, then other times he seems really happy when we talk but still quiet

so guys whats his problem?

we both are 20


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  • You shouldn't be the only person who contributes to conversations. BOY, GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND SOCIALIZE


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