Should I date my ex?

Im i5 and he's 13 My ex broke with me and told me two different reasons which I dnt think they're true. he then wanted us to be friends. he started dating this girl in his class three days later. she broke up with him in like two weeks cuz she never liked him, her friends wanted her 2. on Thursday he went to Jamaica for Christmas and he tested me and asked me out. it's been like 2 months since we broke up. we've been good friends after we broke up. I even helped him with girl stuff and hiked him up. even though he ended not liking any of them


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  • Bill Gates said the i5 processor is "pretty good I guess."
    So no.

    • thanks good for me i got 30 bucks from making a bet with my friends that he was just trying to play me. I still went on a date and i have a new boyfriend

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  • Give him another chance.

    • thanks but he "changed his mind" ass hole

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