Normal after 2 months of dating, or not into me?

I've been seeing a guy for 2 months that I met through a gaming meet-up group. I sleep over 3 nights a week (he lives alone, I don't). Including either Fri or Sat night. Sometimes he invites me over just to snuggle. We go on dinner dates, jogging, long walks. He holds my hand & kisses me in public. He said he's not seeing anyone else. On 2 occasions he murmured I love you while half asleep and began snoring. He messages me frequently, including good morning and good nights the following normal at 2 months?: At gaming meetups, he's not affectionate with me in front of anyone. Also, only our close friends in the group know we're seeing eachother. My ex, who knows everyone in the group, texted one time asking me if I'm dating HIM. He had a feeling based on a vague comment I made. My guy said he would prefer that I not tell him because "It's none of his business." We haven't met eachother's friends yet. I invited him to my roomate's house party at my place last week and he said he would go at first. (He knows my roommate through the gaming group). But then he made an excuse that he was sick. He said,"Please don't hate me, I really wanted to come so I wouldn't disappoint you." He said that house parties are not his thing. I told him he's welcome to join me for dinner with my coworker friends in a few weeks and he didn't say anything that indicates interest, like,"I'd love to!" Since he didn't come to the party, I wonder if he'll cancel again with an excuse even if he does say he'll come. Is 2 months still early enough for this not to be a concern? He only seems to socialize at group meetups, which we both attend. He did go visit his friend whose g/f had a baby. They had a celebratory dinner which he didn't invite me to. He just said we would hang out when he got home. But maybe a baby visitation is a weird thing to introduce your new g/f to anyway.

He said we're "seeing each other" and that he sees me as more than just a casual sex partner. So I'm confused as to whether we're in a relationship or not. He's doing more and more boyfriend-like things. Like today, he called just to talk before going to sleep and he never does that. Not sure if I should give it more time and see if things progress into a serious relationship naturally or risk pressuring him by ask point blank what he wants to happen..


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  • Wait, are you an official couple, or just dating? From everything I'm reading, sans the L word, this is a non-committed arrangement of convenience. Sounds like he doesn't know what he wants, or he doesn't want certain people thinking he's taken. Not normal, and sounds like he's hiding something.

  • It's possible that he's just really shy and introverted and talks himself out of party type scenarios or meeting new people. Sounds like he's into you, to me. Not all guys are desperate to show off their relationships, they'd rather just keep it private since relationships are personal anyways and really aren't anyone elses business.