How do you know you like someone?

I know it sounds silly, but there's this guy he's a really great friend. I am super comfortable with him. I putt my head on his shoulder abd I'm more touchy with him than anyone else in my group of friends. Sometimes talking to him is awkward I don't know why but when it's not awkward it's great we laugh the whole time we just mesh super well, I just don't feel like a spark our like butterflies or anything... any advice?


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  • If you haven't talked to him in a while about 2 to 3 weeks then the guy is always on your mind, your thinking about the conversations the laughter that you had with him, when you miss him then it only means that you like him otherwise it's just the chemistry between you two, you get along pretty well.

    • Thanks, I see him all the time and I think about him a lot after we hangout like if he flirts ore tries to flirt I think about him...

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  • I am a Chinese psychologist ! This question is too simple for me ! You meet someone for the first time as long as you feel that he will say hello to you ! If you are interested in my answer , you can contact me ! Now , I am in Belarus and my phone number is +375336195244! By the way , my name is SHIN and my email address is "wangkaikaixi@163. com ". GOOD LUCK!!!


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  • very simple but good question.

    well, first off is that it does NOT begin by being touchy. getting touchy with someone triggers an infatuation, a lust, more than a 'like' in my opinion.
    some great indicators are:
    - awesome conversations as u mentioned
    - he understands you
    -gives you time
    -makes you feel special
    -you feel differently towards him than other guys
    -u find urself randomly thinking of him when he's not around
    -u actually begin to miss him.

    the butterflies thing probably isn't happening yet because u might not be THAT into it. i guess u should continue to spend time with him to find out what u two really have=]