My ex wants me back but I am in a new relationship?

I had been talking to this gu for almost 7 months and in that time we talked every day but he never could hardly come to see me, we only saw each other 3 times in 7 months but we do not live far apart. I could barley get him to talk on the phone and we never officially called each other bf/gf. I had really strong feelings for him and I loved him. We have a strong connection and everything. I finally asked him what he wanted and he had a lot going on at the time, told me he didn't feel like talking about it and went to bed and didn't go through with our plans for that weekend. We haven't talked much since then so I felt like he was pretty much done with me. Any attempt I made to show that I liked him he never seemed to respond. He was kind of on the shy side but after 7 months I felt that should have passed a little.. So I moved on with a new guy and just when everything started to get happy again, he messages me (He had deleted me off of all social media prior to this message) He accuses me of betraying him and not being there for him because he had to leave out of town for an emergency, didn't have his phone, etc. Yet he was still active on social sties. But he couldn't have sent me a message and told me all of this? He told me he loves me and wants me back and all but I'm torn. I'm happy with my new boyfriend who actually gives a damn and didn't take 7 months to come clean about his feelings, loves me, talks to me and sees me on a regular bases. But there is still a little tug at my heart for me to go back to him. We had made future plans together and everything and he told me he didn't come around a lot because he didn't feel like he was good enough and didn't want to drag me into his life problems but still. He could have told me these things before now.. Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • Whatever he said does not matter since you ARE in a relationship. He is part of the past, and unless you want to actually betray a relationship then you could go back to him. However, if you do go back to him, he will know that he had that much power over you and he could just dump you and ask you back whenever he wants (even when you are already in a happy relationship).

    Things don't look good if you go back to him. And you are contemplating to betray a relationship, do remember if you think that there is a valid reason for you to leave your current boyfriend, there is also a possibility that your future boyfriend (or past boyfriend) will find his reason to betray thst relationship.

  • His loss. Onward!


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