Girl does not want relationship but it feels like we are dating?

I have been seeing this girl for about a month now. we go out about once a week and we are always watching movies at each others houses. The problem is she won't let me kiss her but she will totally flirt and send dirty photos. because of those i feel like she is into me but then she just does not want a relationship. honestly it is killing me and the confusion makes me want to run into traffic. What the hell do i do?


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  • Some girls just want the attention. Be straight up and tell her what you want, and if you aren't on the same page, stop seeing her.

    • i have done that im a very straight forward person.

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    • i wish it was that simple but it just isn't

    • Sounds pretty simple to me. You guys hang out, she rejects your advances, but sends you dirty photos. She definitely just wants you to want her but doesn't want to have to do anything. She's probably just not that into you. You could give it time and see what happens, but if a girl is rejecting your advances right off the bat, it's probably not going to get better. It would be different if she just didn't want to sleep with you, but not even wanting to kiss when you guys spend that much time together is a red flag in my opinion.

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  • Damn that's the worse. Been in that situation recently. I say give it time. A month really isn't long. Now if it keeps dragging on maybe she just likes the attention.