He stares at me but hardly talks to me?

There's a guy I work with and any chance he gets he's watching me... I've caught It a few times.. we use to talk and joke around before but now something changed he's kinda quiet with me and he'll talk when other people are with us.. I recently realized I had feelings for him but when he had stopped talking to me I didn't think much for him but he was cute... now I'm curious if he feels the same. Oh I should also mention his friend that doesn't work with us or anything recently hit me up and told me he knows I'm into his friend and I should let him know what's up. I just wanna know what you guys think of all of this.


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  • He likes u so much

    • How can you tell? I feel so blind to it.. cuz sometimes he tries hard to pretend I'm not there like he won't look when he's close and in facing his direction.. if my back is turned to talk to a friend he's staring. He acts nonchalant

    • Ah well it will b better if we chat inbox
      Inbox me

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