Can a girl get upset if you do not initiate contact first with her?

So I knew a couple of girls from university and from some mutual friends. For some reason each of them got upset at me and I could not understand why?

I mean I talked a bit with some of them. But later they got upset at me. Why? Because when I saw them going past me on the street they would frown and turn their head away from me. I did not stare at them I just looked forward with no offensive stare.

Maybe they were upset I did not initiate enough with them. Can a girl get upset if she likes you but you do not do anything about this?


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  • yes, we greatly prefer if the man chases us.

    • It would me nice if guys could get the same experience, but unfortunately the fact that girls want to be chased after leaves few of them chasing the guys.

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  • The answer to the question is - women.

  • They can get upset about any and everything.