Do girls prefer shaved or trimmed?

Do you prefer shaved or trimmed personally I trim it short and then I shave the pubes on the bottom of my D be honest in what you prefer im very high maintenance so I wouldn't mind switching to shaving everything thanks


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  • I think both is fine for me :) Haven't been with a guy who hasn't shaved , but I wouldn't mind if a guy kept it short :)

    • Yea I dont mind shaving if a girl asked me too but I myself prefer the trimmed look when its shaved on guys it looks to me like theirs something missing or it doesn't look right but I think id ask the girl im with what she likes cause like I said I dont mind Im pretty high maintenance for a man at least with my hair I clip my nails religiously and brush my teeth 3 times a day so I dont not do it cause im lazy and its even and short but not too short like 3/4 inch and I shave the base so its like impossible to get hair in her mouth lol also I clean very well and use Conditioner so the hairs not rough sorry if thats tmi lol

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    • hahha, I'm sure the your girl will be pleased with you :D

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  • I prefer trim, completely shaved really freaks me out


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