What to do when a girl flakes?

I met this girl at a part time job at our college campus and I thought she was pretty cute. I had thought about asking her out but decided not to until another told me that she said she'd "totally go on a date with me". I asked which is a big deal for me because I never do this unless i think they're really cool/cute. I made sure to say date and she said yes and made sure to get both our contact info. She even made the effort to get away from her friends so I could ask. I texted her to set something up but she was working that weekend but would love to try and do it the next if she wasn't working. So I tried to set something up the next weekend and no response. People told me it was the holidays and she is probably with her family but I don't even know what to think.


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  • You should maybe wait till you see her in person again and casually chat to her then mention the date... Don't come on too strong though that could scare her away


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  • I begin to type out questions in order to vent on public websites letting people know of my plight.

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