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I met this guy in June through 2 of our best friends and hit it off really soon. He had taken me out on dates and we began sleeping together. We texted often and from what it seemed he was very interested but we took things easy since I was leaving for work in August for 3 months and he was freshly out of a relationship in April. We remained in touch on a weekly basis and now I have been back since late October. We have been sleeping together still and when I go over to his house it is without question I stay the night. Now I am at a point where I have certainly fallen for him and want our relationship to reach a point where it is determined we are exclusive, or more, but am very unsure as to how I deal with this... Do I bring up the talk in person, text message, not at all ( just wait until he does)?

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  • Talk in person and be very clear and concise about what you want...


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