He is suddenly mean?

I used to talk/see my crush everyday at least once but I've been a bit busy this week and now he's suddenly become a bit mean.

He always teased me and he is always trying to make me laugh but now when I see him he calls me names, he threw a piece of scrunched paper when I walked past and etc.

Is he just trying to catch my attention, If so what should I respond when he calls me a mean name?

Would saying "what have i done to you anyways?" Be a good question to ask?


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  • He seems a bit old to be showing his bad side of his boyish behavior, it would seem to me, sweetie. And just because you have been this busy beaver 'This week,' shouldn't give him a lame duck excuse to be disrespectful like he doesn't give A----Damn.
    For laughs and giggles, if he tries to shoot Hints your way, with no hymning or hawing, politely ask him if he has a problem? Did I do something to offend you?
    This may stop him in his tracks, make him a bit red faced and perhaps even Realize how much of a problem child he has been and hopefully things will return to when He------Teased me and he is always trying to make me laugh.
    Yes, something in this Line would be fine but 'Something' should be Remarked about being you know one another and have this little Repore.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help you here.. Happy Holidays.:)) xxoo

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  • What is he in middle school? If a guy is treating you like shit don't pay him any mind, and move on he doesn't deserve to be crushed on by you.

  • tell him that's not the way to charm a lady. young men need teaching how to attract/charm women. might write a book lol


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