Worst hook up ever plus after effects, what to do?

I sort of hooked up with someone at a company X'mas party, although I rejected him when he wanted to have sex (it was a very embarassing situation when I did) because of my personal values and that I have a boyfriend.

Strangely after that, I am not interested in my boyfriend anymore and I kept comparing the hook-up guy with him... the guy I hooked up with is at least 20 years older than me and has a fairly senior position, he's very good looking too. I kept thinking that this guy is so much more polished and mature than my boyfriend who is younger than me and was never my ideal type (albeit with great character)...

I realise I'm probably having a very bad crush on this random guy... even though he's most likely married and he probably hated me now as I rejected him in such a bad way.

Any advice?


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  • My advice would be to not cheat on your boyfriend. If you want to be with other guys then end the relationship you're already in first, and then hook up with other guys.


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  • Girls like you are the reasons why i'm staying single

  • Why would you do something like that did you even think about your boyfriend. That's horrible

    • I know and I felt bad too... but it's a long story with my boyfriend too. We were arguing about something stupid and he refused to stop hanging out with this girl who so obviously liked him. I was drunk that night as well for some career related problems.
      I swear I didn't know the guy I hooked up with was so senior. He looked really young.

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    • We are still having a cold war so I haven't got a chance to tell him yet, but I figure if I tell him now we will break up immediately.

    • Then you should probably keep it a secret

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