How do you know if you're being chased?

What are the signs that you are being chased, whether its by man or woman?

How do tell the difference between being chased by someone and them just wanting to be friends? Are there any sure-fire way of telling?


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  • I think body language is definitely a thing. If she likes you she will subconciously mirror your actions and speak like you (try pay attention to her choice of words, does she start using words or phrases that you use all the time?) Also, body touch... I subtly touch someone only if I like him.
    Try Observing how she acts around other people too... some people are natural flirts or their culture (Spainish, Mexicans) make them act this way.

    • Okay, i notice all those things in her. Whenever she is with me, she plays with her hair, and fiddles (not mirroring, but subtle signs i pick up). She's picked up on some words that I usually use, and some things, body language wise, she mirrors. I cross my arms, she crosses her arms, and a few other things...

      Now the question is... initially i chased her, and she began to lose interest. Is it ever too late to get her to chase me? We dated for a month, and now i don't text her as much as what i used to. She now texts me if it's been a day or more since i last spoke to her. Do you think it's too late to let her 'chase' me? Heck, i even got her to ask ME out...

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