Is there any chance this girl asks Me out? Is that even a thing?

a few months ago I asked this girl out. she was all about it, said yes, but a few days later she cancels saying that she was coming fresh off of a breakup and was just not ready to start dating another guy yet.
she then explained how very very sorry she was. im a great guy, she wishes she could sort herself out, but im the 'long term type', and she just wasn't ready for that yet. lets be friends. (ouch)

this was a few months ago now. i still see this girl occasionally, and when we do we'll stop and chat for a while. it always goes well, all smiles and laughs.

im still interested in this girl. I'd like to ask her out again, but im a little embarrassed, and i don't want to be 'that guy'. Is there any chance she asks Me out? do girls even do that? should I just go for it and ask her out? again.
Thank you all.


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  • Aske her iut. When was the last time you asked her?

    • Many typos, sorry.

      Ask her out. When was the last time you asked her out?

    • 5months-ish? its been a while.

    • Try again!

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