I like a girl a lot and was wondering what I should do? I am a very shy guy around girls I like and I dont know what to do?

Ever since we left for college I've come to miss seeing her in school and I just want to see her smile agagin.


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  • You could send her a message through Facebook or something to meet up.

    • I dont even have the courage to do that really

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    • I just don't even know what to say and when I do want to say somthing it comes out completely different that what I intended meaning is a jummbled mess

    • You're thinking again… lol jk. But it's kind of true. Start off with "Hey, how have you been. I haven't seen you since high school and I was hoping we could catch up" then she will reply and just go with the flow. Trust me, even if you mess up, it's not as bad as you think it is.

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