How can I play it cool?

I'm all giddy and excited about this new romance I have going on. we've been dating for about 2 to 3 months we've already been intimate we've gone on dates ects... He is my boss but we've seemed to be developing some feelings for each other.. It's almost incredible.. We recently had a conversation about where things are heading with us and he wants me to vist his home in the next state (Hour or so away) & be more incorparated in his life.. A while back I had one of his jeans that look great on me and I wore them to work with his favorite color sneakers and he was blush so freaking hard... I gave him a smile back continued with my work and stayed to my self ( no one knows at work we could get fired ) any who he would poke me or kick me whenever he passed (Playfully) and give each other little smirks... I don't know where it's going and I'm so caught in bliss I can't think straight. ANY ADVICE? 😕


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  • be friends first lovers second


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