Right time to propose for relationship\marriage?

So after dating\or being in a relationship , when did you realize that it is the right time to propose her\him for relationship\marriage?

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  • Never have, but my husband told me by 6 months in you can tell if you have a keeper

    • Hmm and what about you?
      when he proposed you, did you had thoughts of waiting more or any other thoughts

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    • I wasn't quite ready for an immediate wedding but I felt he was a good match for me. We married just over a year later, so we had more than enough time to know if we made the right choice.

    • GREAT ! I wish you luck...
      but tell me what about the boy friends you had in past , i mean there was a time when you would feel that now you both can be called boy friend \ girl friend

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  • When it already feels like you are a couple/have been married. I've been dating my man since March, but we didn't become official until May. At first it was going to be a friends with benefits arrangement, a "no-commitment" type thing. But he has commitment issues and fears of abandonment, as do I. He was really shocked when my entire group accepted him. His life has improved drastically since he met everyone. He realized this time it would be "safe" and asked me to be his official girlfriend. About a moth later, I asked about moving in together, just as roommates, and having separate rooms, even though we're a couple. He was still really jumpy about commitments and thought I was trying to move too fast, but what he actually said to me was that he wasn't ready or able financially. This past week, the topic came up again in passing, and he says he's been ready to move in with me LOL He even implied he can see himself married to me, even though we have both expressed not wanting marriage with anyone, in general. We're both divorced. So wait until it already feels the way you want it to be before asking for it :)


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