My treat, your treat, we all say treat when we wanna meet... Could it be a date?

She says, let's go see movies, it's my treat... should i take it as a date?


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  • no. not a date. a date must be specified as a date.

    • Depends on what the meaning of date is... I've always seen a date as two persons of the opposite gender going out alone in order to get to know each other better.

      i don't always specify when asking a girl out, "let's go on a date." I say: "How about dinner at 7, this saturday?" All rejections i've had have indicated that she knew i asked her out, on a date. That's what this girl did to me... she gave me a time, said let's go watch a movie, and that its her treat. Up until now i've always paid for her when i invited her out. But was she actually asking me out, or just being friendly?

    • then you struck out lucky every time cause all it takes is one girl to call you out for assuming it was a date. I don't ever assume the feeling is mutual, I confirm it. to me it sounds like she's just being friendly d00d but she could be a different kind of girl.