Why won't my ex bf explain to me why he doesn't want to be with me anymore?

I'm not sure why some guys do things like this. Not disclosing information about why the breakup occurred or why there isn't a chance of reconciliation. I'm not sure if it's a power play thing or something else I can't even fathom.

I ended things by the way, things aren't as straight forward as they seem so if you need more info just ask


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  • He never loved you to begin with. If he truly loved you and want to see you happy in your next relationship he'd have told you what things you failed to do and did that made him unhappy in the relationship. He'd have told you to work on the things you're lacking in as far as a relationship goes. But he didn't. Does that sound like someone that has your best interest at heart?

    • That makes Sense, it honestly does. Thing is if you knew him it's like there is something more going on. It's really weird. What you're saying is a massive part in any relationship or the end of it, that's giving someone closure and peace of mind and clearly I don't have that

    • I know it to be true because that's what I did for my most recent ex. I loved him very much but he repeatedly did things that hurt me. I finally called it off i told him why I ended it and what I was not happy with in the relationship. I also told him what to work on within himself so that his next relationship will be successful.

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  • Just forget about him.

    • Easier said than done

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    • Hmm, why'd you break up

    • She became a real pain for me and started to ruin my life. She really was in love with me but her love turned into a obsession and this brought psychological problems with it. I had to break up. Even though i love her.

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  • he probably found another girl and doesn't have the courage to tell u because if u had a bad thng about u he would've talked about it

    • He knows me to be very blunt, not sensitive and straight talking so I'm not sure what the issue is. I have heard worse things from him and it hasn't phased me so it's confusing.

  • So you ended the relationship and now want him back?

    None of my ex-boyfriends were ever able to give me a "good" reason why they didn't want the relationship anymore. But then later I always realised I don't actually need a reason, that it's enough for me to know they don't want it anymore. If you look back years later, you couldn't care less about the reason. But yes, when you've just been dumped you do want to know why.

    I feel like often guys themselves don't quite know why they don't want to pursue a relationship. Sometimes it may be that they don't want to hurt the woman even more so they give some of the standard reasons.

    • I totally agree but my situation is really odd, it's not easy to condense into gag unfortunately but your response hasn't gone unappreciated