What is up? Does he like me or not? What should I do?

I have been crushing on one of my guy friends for a while now. He is super shy. I cut his hair and he edits my YouTube videos. And somewhere in between the hair cuts and video editing I fell for him. He recently told one of my other guy friends ( who he says likes me) that he have been feeling tension in our friendship. But neither one of us has said anything. He also told him that he likes me a lot and see a future in us, but don't want to take it there because we work together. He also told him that I'm a great person and I am always there when he needs me. So on and so on. Nothing but good things. Okay so it took me so much to approach him. I finally told him that I needed to talk to him when he gets a chance before he leaves. He looked super nervous, but said ok. Later on that day I realized that he left. So I texted him and asked him was he still here. He never responded which made me so upset. We didn't see each other for days. When we did finally see each other I was still holding a grudge, while he looked extremely nervous. He spoke and I said what's up. We spoke one time that day. The next day came and we were in the back and he starting talking to me, telling me how sick he felt. I just listened, still kind of upset I replied ok. He wound up leaving early that day. He usually tells me bye or something but nothing. My friend came to me and asked me what was our problem. I was confused and asked what was she talking about. She said that he had been walking around for about a week or so looking like he lost his best friend. I told her she was crazy. She told me that she could see I had something on my mind too. I decided to text him and ask him was he feeling better. He texted back and said he was ok. He asked how was I doing. I told him I was ok. I told him to get some sleep and take care of himself. We have been knowing each other for over a year now. What's up with him. What should I do?

Should I just tell him I like him? How should I say it?


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  • This is way too long for the same old standard "Ask him out!" but let's face it that's what it always is.


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  • It all started when you told him that you needed to talk. I think that when you told him he was afraid of what you would say. You said he's super shy, so it's possible that he didn't have the courage to face it. So he started avoiding you. If he said that he likes you a lot and that he sees a future in you, I guess he likes you. He's just too afraid of giving the next step.

    I think it's being hard for him, he just can't defeat his shyness.

  • Ask him out! That would repair the friendship! You don't want to lose him!


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