Meeting a girl tomorrow but I am wondering about what to do?

so ladies what I am asking is what do you look for in a guy upon seeing them what is the things you notice first?


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  • I always notice their personal hygiene. If a guy looks like he hasn't showered or brushed his teeth it tends to gross me out a LOT. Also, I tend to notice the amount of eye contact and body language


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  • does she know what you look like?

    • yes she does but thing is she hasn't commented on my looks but least I don't physical repulse her :P

    • also thank you for the comment I appreciate it

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  • I'd say "Just be fucking decent" but clearly this is beyond you as it's terribly basic.

    • wow thanks mate this really helped a lot but seriously if you have nothing nice to say its best not to say it.

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    • You are forgiven.

    • thank you

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