When and how do you define a relationship?

I've been talking to this guy for about three months. He's texted me every single day since then, he's never missed one! We've been on a couple dates. He took me to a movie the first time, he paid for everthing, He slept over the last time (We just cuddled he didn't even kiss me) when we were watching movies.
But when do I ask/ how do I discuss what whatever we are, is?


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  • I HAVE THE PERFECT VIDEO FOR THAT. Look up How To Become Boyfriend Girlfriend Defining The Relationship by Shallon Lester on YouTube. Her entire video is the answer to this question. (She's amazing! I recommend watching all of her videos! )


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  • You can ask him what are we? Because us girls have feelings and we get attach, but I can tell u from experience if he didn't mention it... he's not gonna want to be in a exclusive relationship. if he wanted u to be his gf, by now u would of been that.

    • We have only seen each other twice. I don't really think its the kind of thing you bring up over text messages.

    • Why have you only seen him twice? Over a period of three months ?

    • Because I'm still in college and on the swim team, So most weekends I've been busy. The two times he saw me were my only free weekends since we met. Also we live about an hour apart. he's 23 and I'm only 20.

  • He should bring it up

    • Should I not say anything then? what about the kissing?

    • If the guy wanted to be exclusive he will ask