I have a date and im scared?

I've never been on a date. its a lunch date, what do i wear? do i let him pay, do i insist on my for myself.

i get shy about stuff like paying and meeting someone for the first time.

what if he asks me to come up to his hotel room or something. what if he just wants sex :/


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  • If he wants to pay, let him pay. But split the check, if necessary. Wear casual. It's a lunch date. And did he ask you out or did you him?

    • he asked me thats why so nerouse

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    • okay. how do i find out if his just looking for a quick lay? his from a different state and his really rich and 4 years older than me. im a model and we met over instagram. im not sure what his hoping to get out of this lunch

    • First of all, even if you are just a model, no sex on first date. There might be no way to tell if he's gonna ask for it or not. Until he actually does. If he does, say you feel uncomfortable with this and you have to go. He'll get the message, quick.

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