What is going on with this guy?

In class he would sit, next to me, and flirt, and laugh at my jokes, we would connect. Then the next two class pass, he stopped talking to me entirely. Could not even look me in the eye. He would not even talk to me. I didn't do anything. Is there any reason a guy would start ignoring me, and not talking? I don't understand

i agree with that. Both genders are equal, and are hard to fully understand.


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  • You get so many of these stories on GAG. Maybe they got interested in someone else. Maybe they were told to back off by someone else who liked you (and who is probably a douchebag). There are so many possibilities and the only way to be sure is to talk to him

    • Thanks. And lots of girls are confused on guys behavior

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    • If u find a girl that is a drama queen, your life will be hell. But your lucky, some girls, fight, and get "mad" all the time, and that confuses guys a lot.

    • I think I was about to start another sex war. I do NOT want that on my hands! Neither gender is better, they are equal. I just think one side is hard to understand.

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