Advice on asking a guy for his number, or something along the lines as a number?

So, I'm a sophomore in college and this guy is a junior. We work together in a dining court. He's a supervisor and I'm in training to be a cook. I like him. I think he's really attractive and he's nice and funny and I think his major is cool even though it's different than mine. Basically, I'm kind of smitten with him.

On top of that, I think he might like me back as well. I mean, not really like but I think he's interested in me the way I'm interested in him. Since we work together we have to wear the same work shirts, but he actually looks damn fine in his :) Anyway, I eat at the dining court when I'm not on shift and I'm into fashion so I wear a lot of nice clothes, and he says hi to me every time unless he's too busy working. I don't think he lives on campus because I've never seen him in a dining court before other than at work.

Anyway, he actually asked me about myself today, like what year I was and my major and finals. I mean, we talk but not too often. We're comfortable with saying we know each other and saying hi, but he was the one asking about me today. We talked a little before he had to go do some rounds though and his body language and eye contact sort of give the impression he might like me.

I'm pretty confident in myself, so I had planned on asking him for his number. Unfortunately, since it was at work, I couldn't find the right time. I couldn't get him alone and we always had stuff to do otherwise. I'm kind of annoyed because the other supervisor was helping me on something and so of course I was alone with him but not the one I like.

I searched Facebook so I could send him a request or something, but I couldn't find him. The worst part is this is the last shift we work together until after break, but our schedules change next semester and I don't know his schedule so we might hardly work together.

Any advice on how to get his number? I really wanted it today so I could talk to him over break.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Complement him, then, as time goes on, establish a healthy relationship, and then ask him out.


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