In love with my best guy friend?

So my guy friend has been pursuing me for about six months and within the last couple of months I realized I have very strong feelings for him. We took things to a romantic level and I really started falling in love with him. We never were in a relationship, technically, but he did want to be for a long while, I just didn't think I was ready. Meanwhile, I joined the Air Force and am set to leave to basic training in 15 days. We got a little drunk last night and he said he didn't want me to leave and that he was going to miss me a lot. He said that he doesn't think that he'll ever find a girl like me ever again (mentioned that I was caring, beautiful, funny, and loyal) but we decided that a long distance relationship wouldn't be a smart thing to do. Our "relationship" has been full of drama, fights, silent treatments, and always questioning each other's feelings but I seriously love him and it is so painful that I'm going to be away from him for a minimum of two years. Should I try and remain close to him while I'm away? Any advice about my situation would be great


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  • Long distance relationships usually don't work. Unless both of you are willing to put in that extra effort and commitment to keep it going, I suggest you let it go.


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