Is he worth my time?

So this guy I've been seeing for two months likes to flip flop. He super sweet and attentive when we're alone, but when he's around other guys he agrees with and laughs at all their jokes about infidelity, threesome's, big booties, you name it. Most of the time I have to fend for myself. But on the other hand he recently said he loves me and this is his first relationship since high school, he's 25 now. He also constantly asks for backrubs and to bring him things when I come over, like I'm his flunky. Then asks me to spend new years with him and we could get a hotel. I thought he would want to spend it with his brothers, he said it wouldn't be the same without his baby. I am a fairly attractive woman and he knows I have a lot of other guys after me, he knows I still talk to them because I don't think he is 100% ready to be in a real relationship. Sometimes he can say the rudest disrespectful things. Should I see if he changes or not even waste my time?


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  • Waste of time. He should be consistent with you and with his friends otherwise you know he's unreliable, ashamed or insecure with himself that he has to change his character so often to please different people, or he's a sociopath and manipulating you all. But from what you said about him being disrespectful, that's a no go, you want a guy who is respectful all the time.

    • I laughed so hard when I read that because its so Tru. I'm leaning towards he's a sociopath because I think he loves to play games. I wish he wasn't so damn sexy, my decision would be so much easier.

    • Either way not worth your time lol

  • he's a douche canoe