Is it fair for her to get him?

ok so i broke up with this guy 3 years ago, then a sort of friend of mine became his friend and then she started asking me questions about him and when i asked her she wouldn't tell me anything. Then me and this guy were friends again and she somehow ended up being her gf. And now I have fallen for him and i am sure that he has some feelings for me, a friend of mine told me that if I were to push him into choosing me he would do it everytime. But I am not sure how fair that would be for my so called friend, and I dont know if I should go for him or not since his relationship seems pretty good except for the parts ere she gets xtremely jelous and the guy and me have to stop talking a while so she calms down


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  • If you broke up with his then he was fair game. She started dating him so now you don't have the rigr to go in and break them up. Side note though, if he decides to break up with her then go for him. You shouldn't have to stop talking to him if you're not being flirty. Tell your friend you're not meaning anything by talking, but if you do, you should stop because that's not fair to her.