Moving to fast on to the next guy?

I don't understand women.. why can't they just take time to be alone when they recently broke off with a guy? My friend recently broke up with her boyfriend and bam two guys after him.
And also my own mother.. Dates and recks guys like if it's nothing. New in new out. Where has their dignity gone?
My mom is always on to the next one.. it's a bad pattern because she doesn't find a decent man like this.


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  • Ahh Rebounders - Because they are terrified to be single. They want to be felt loved and all those crap.


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  • Some people don't want to be alone with themselves because they don't like themselves and so they throw themselves into the next relationship which inevitabley ends and they feel that there's something wrong with them and so to prove to themselves that there isn't they move onto the next relationship. Messed up cycle.

    • I don't get it. I'm.22 and never had a bf. Last guy I dated was from January - February and since I've been on my own and not been on a single date. Why can't people take time and be alone and not be so desperate.

    • As I said, they don't want to be alone with themselves, they feel validated if someone wants them, it all stems from their insecurity.

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