Is this a case of not being interested and trying to be nice? advice?

i feel talking to this guy gets no where as he gets very quiet and conversations turn awkward fast. since he barely says anything and conversations mostly consist of me asking questions/thinking of things to talk about while he answers and/or asks the same thing back. he also starts playing with his phone. then at times he also avoids me like a plague and its so obvious. the are rare moments however where he smiles at me when we make eye contact, and comes to me on his own and or sits with me on the bus on his own. he's not like this with other girls I've seen his facebook/instagram and interactions real life - he seems more himself

when we talk he acts like he doesn't know what im talking about when i know he does, or act like he's interested in something i mention when i know he is, also he never fully tells me his weekend plans, but seems curious on mine at least to me by the questions he asks when my weekend plans come up. questions like with who, where (party), what did you wear (halloween party)

not to long ago i ran into a childhood friend of his on the bus - whose connection to the quiet guy was revealed when we talked for the first time that day. he told me to add him on Facebook i sent him a request a couple weeks later when he was on vacation but he's back now and still hasn't accepted - is it because of the quiet guy?

a couple days ago the quiet guy was behind me in the bus line. we happend to look at eachother at one point and smiled at one another. i wasn't going to get on the bus because i didn't want him to feel he has to talk to me so i stood on the side. he came up to me and made a surprised look and gestured me to go in so i did. at the end he asked me if i wasn't going to go in the bus (ive done this before for the same reason) i said yes and made an excuse - does he think im avoiding him

ps we both are 20


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