So my question is about dating?

so my question is about dating? we haven't met up yet, but we have talked lots of times through text, I really like her and I've wanted to say some romantic stuff, do you think it's a good idea, or better to hold and no for sure she likes me back


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  • You like her right? Then tell her or you'll think all your life I should've said this and that.. Why does she talk to you? Because she likes talking to you so she may like you.. Ask her to meet you up and ask her out.. =) than show your romantic side...

    • of course I like here *_* it's my dream to make her happy, I know that soundy cheesy or whatever, but it's true, yaaaay :D

    • *her

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  • You really don't know her yet, and more important, she doesn't know you.
    I would hold off on anything romantic, or sexual.
    That might scare me off right from the beginning.

    • ok no worries, thankyou for your opinion

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  • So you already asked her out and she agreed right? If so, then cut all sort of communications now, and wait until you two meet. Then show your romantic side (don't overdo it). For heaven's sake, have some mystery.

    • I'm always screwing things up, someone help me.

    • What have you done now?

    • don't worry man, I was just saying everytime I like someone I tend to screw it up, hopefully not this time.