Is my boss' nephew "off limits"?

First off, I work as an in-home caregiver so I have a very intimate relationship with my boss. We are very close and I am treated as another addition to the family. So usually I am invited to parties and trips with them. This last one we went to was a weekend trip with my boss and her family. There I met a nephew of hers who was really nice, laid back and hilarious. He flirted with me a little, but nothing to make me uncomfortable or anything. I actually really enjoyed his company. The next day as I was helping my boss, she told me he had mentioned to her that he thought I was cute and asked if I was single. I didn't know what to say so I kind of brushed it off. We got back to town and said our goodbyes and I thought that would be the last of him. BUT- the other day my boss tells me he asked about me and if I had mentioned him at all to her. He also said he wanted to ask for my number, but didn't want to make me uncomfortable with people around. She asked me what she should tell him, but again, I froze up.

I did really enjoy being around him that weekend and wouldn't mind getting to know him better, but I'm just unsure. I really don't want to disrespect my boss in any way. I love my job and I've grown to love my boss dearly. Also, he's 26 and I'm 21. I'm just not sure how to approach this situation. :/


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  • Ask her if you begin to talk or see him, will it jeopardize your position?
    I personally do not mix business & personal pursuits.

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