Dating someone over the internet?

okay, okay, i know. its a common question being asked around at this site. but hear me out. you start talking with someone online, you guys switch over to talking over Skype or what ever you use after a long time of chatting.(like really long time) . you start using webcamera and start seeing eachothers faces and stuff. this goes on for a really long time ( i mean like a year and longer) and you guys start liking eachother. would you actually go to visit the person one day? maybee even one day move to the person? even if it was in another country? i dont just want an yes or no to an answear. thats why the poll is there. i want to know WHY you'd do this or not.

my personal opinion? yes, yes i would. and im not even a person who would do this. but if i would have talked with someone online/ dated them for a really long time, chatted over webcamera, actually take the time to get to learn the person behind the other computer screen and actually be sure i want to be with them, been going back and forth visiting i would.

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  • Meeting in internet and start a long distance relationship is a great thing.

    • but why do you think that? give me thoughts! opnions!

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    • someone finally put it into words and it was so beautiful!

    • That comment should be turned into a Take and expanded upon.

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  • Sure it is possible. But how you start the relationship really has not bearing on it. You pose this question as if the fact your chatting and skyping are key factors. With any kind of long distance relationship your still going to have to meet. Your still going to have to make sure your compatible.
    Now if you posed the question "would you move if all you did before that time is chat/skype/text etc... without ever meeting in person, then no way. doesn't matter how long you do it for.
    The reason I do not like to chat/txt very long when I meet someone on a dating board is that regardless of how well it seems you mesh when chatting, you never know if your going to have any kind of chemistry until you meet in person. The "spark" seems to be a lot more important to women. I don't need to feel that the first date. But it should feel comfortable. sometimes it just doesn't. I firmly believe in following my gut.

  • I tried it once. It failed hard. She played me like a fool and lied to be just because she was afraid of me losing interest in her, so she made me feel constantly worried about her life and safety by making up stories. I was a fool for believing them while I was young (around 13 or 14.)

    Even being wiser today, I still would rather forego any online relationships. I need physical contact and connection. Without that, the relationship loses its meaning.

    • god im so sorry to hear! :( but lets say you had all the money in the world. would you still do it? go visit the girls one time every month and all?

    • I still would rather have someone live close to me. Again, the physical connection is just too important for me.

      Either that, or be in a relationship where I can see other women when I'm not seeing her in person.

    • understandable. thanks for your opnion! its nice to hear something like this from the other persons wiew/ a guy sins I've considerd leaving where im leaving for another country

  • I dont think its a good idea for obvious reasons, dont trust people on the internet

    • what do you think are obvious reasons?

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    • it feels like you didn't even read what i said in above text except the ''date over the internet'' thing so im not even going to bother try to talk with you. have a nice day.

    • good thank you

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  • I did this and ended up seeing someone for several months.

    It took all the nerves and fear out of first dating because by the time we met, we had "known" each other for a while. I had heard his voice, knew where he stood on a lot of things, it was just the natural next step.

    • the nerves and fears of the first date. i feel you bro! :/ i assume from the way you wrote you guys broke up?

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    • Long distance relationship. He lived about 2 1/2 hours away. It would have been doable but he was unable to come to me at all. I am fine if someone can come my way once in a while.

    • oh i hade one with my (sort of) ex. he broke up with me cause i said he could come travel me as easily as i could travel and meet him. apperently didn't suit him. :/

  • It depends.

    These are the conditions that would make me consider moving there:
    1. The person has to be in the same country. Otherwise, the risk is way too high for me. Preferably not all the way across the country too, but it would depend on the country. I live in west Germany, near the Netherlands. I would not be too excited if the other person lives in Berlin because that would be a lot of travel time wasted if he turned out to be a catfish.

    2. Hitting it off online doesn't mean hitting it off in real life. I talked to this guy everyday for like 2-3 months, and once per Hangout. When we finally met, it was incredibly awkward for both of us. There was nothing more to talk about.

    3. I'd possibly consider the deal my former roommate made with her boyfriend. They are both chinese but met online, via WeChat. He lives in the US, she here in Germany. One day she decided to fly over and he would pick her up at the airport. She told him that if she didn't like the real him, she would fly directly back, and he agreed.