Why is she not being open with me?

Ok, so there's this girl who I'm mad about. I find her enchanting and she is nothing short of just breath taking. We've both mentioned how we want to take things slow and grow together with honesty, communication, etc. Basically trying to do things the old fashioned way. She comes from a good family with values and is a religious person. I find no fault with that. I had more of an arduous upbringing but anyway. I moved back in town and we've been 'talking, not dating' since then. In a months time, I think I've seen her maybe 5-6 times. We went out and did stuff together and just enjoyed each other's company. (Like I said, taking things slow) I know she likes me but she isn't very expressive. She's shy and reserved meanwhile I'm more open and expressive with my thoughts and feelings. The problem lies with the reality that we don't see eachother enough and I want more out of it. But I feel like she's not trying as much on her end and is ultimately not invested as much as I am. She's always busy and lately I've been feeling like I'm being taken for granted. Mind you, im not trying to be up her butt everyday now, but I def want some affirmation on her end that we're still on the same page with everything moving forward. I can't read her bc she's tight-lipped. But when we're together I can see she's happy and we click (at least in my opinion) My question to whomever is what do you think is going on with her and I? Is she still interested? Yesterday I sent her a message saying why don't you talk me? We used to talk more before but we've fallen off course a bit from that. So I don't know what to do at this point as I said all I could to her. I'm trying to see her and do things but feel she isn't giving the same effort. Not sure if this helps also but she's a Scorpio.


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  • My interpretation of a player is just a guy that has a lot of one night stands and so yes i would date one if he decided he was ready to be committed. Someone who has cheated or slept with multiple women back to back for a short period of time i would find a lot harder to date. He would need to seriously prove himself so i could trust him and know that i wasn't just another shag.

    • Sorry i just realised i somehow commented on the wrong question, so sorry, don't know how that happened

    • I would help but I've never really been in this position. There are ao many possibilities and all girls treat situations differently. Maybe she just is genuinely busy at the moment and doesn't have the time she would like to invest in a potential relationship, maybe she's the kind of girl that needs to be prompted and asked to do things through insecurity of asking herself or maybe when she says slow she means really slow, sounds like youve been seeing each other quite a lot considering your not even officially together yet, it may be freaking her out if she has commitment issues. I'm sure she likes you but she might but just be unsure of what exactly she wants atm.

    • I think it could be a combination of all things you've mentioned. She tells me how she overthinks a lot and gets herself 'nervous' as a result. My thing is that I obviously want more than what she's giving me currently. But I'm hoping it's just her really. The last thing I want to do is push her away. I still haven't heard back from her in almost 2 days since I asked her why she doesn't open up to me and talk more? Im afraid honestly of what she will say back.

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