What would be a good next move?

So it's winter break and the guy I like and I are going to be in two different places for 3 weeks. I know that he doesn't really like to text too often (even though he does) and that he's going to be working a lot over break (desk job). We're kind of in that weird phase where when we talk in person, there's always something to talk about, but our timing's a little off because of finals/break starting and we've only really been getting to know each other since around Halloween . I don't want to bother him really, but I also don't want to lose momentum, if that makes any sense. And yes, I know it's a two way street and he needs to be putting some effort in too, but I just was wondering what people think would be a good move or just things to keep in mind on my part. Thanks!


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  • Make phone calls! Good morning and good night! Skype?

    • Honestly, I think calling and skypes would be a bit much at this point haha. Still too new.

    • Then what technology is at the caliber of just right?

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